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Re: [ide-dev] A Java Profiler at Eclipse

Do you think it could be a good opportunity for Eclipse? Would you be interested in having a look at the feasibility of that?
Rewriting all Netbeans profiler UI in the Eclipse world seems a lot of work.

Agreed, but one does not necessarily need to rewrite everything immediately: 

Why not considering a revival of TPTP or lobbying to get one of[0]=im_taxonomy_vocabulary_1%3A13&f[1]=im_taxonomy_vocabulary_3%3A31 or lobbying to get Oracle Java Mission Control to the ?

IIRC, Mission Control and Flight Recorder are very tied to Oracle VMs and need to XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures to be used... Not sure it will be released as OSS anytime soon.

Regarding reviving TPTP, agreed, it's an option too. The question is: does it require more work to revive TPTP or to move and integrate Netbeans profiler?

BTW, do you have ideas about other parts of NetBeans that we could leverage thanks to their move to the Apache Foundation and License?

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