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Re: [ide-dev] A Java Profiler at Eclipse

> I share similar opinions to Mickael.
> - Rewriting seems to be a big undertake.
>     - Can we use SWT/AWT bridge to embed?
>     - Can we use the TPTP UI and use their backend?
>     - Do we need the complete UI in which case we could limit ourselves to a couple views/dialogs

These are all good questions. The idea of this thread is to gather people who may be interested in studying the feasibility of it, like giving answers to your questions :)

> I also thought about JMC. I would not go and try the OSS route with Oracle, this could be too long. Instead when Eclipse is running on a VM that ships with JMC, and since JMC is an RCP app, we could identify the necessary plug-ins and directly load them into Eclipse.
> Of course this does not help the OpenJDK users but it gets us somewhere using a supported code base.

See my previous comment about JMC and the UnlockCommercialFeature clause... not sure we want to walk that path.

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