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Re: [ide-dev] Java IDEs comparison

On 15 September 2016 at 16:42, Eric Moffatt <emoffatt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Bruno, it's interesting that many of the issues you mention are against components that are *not* part of the Platform UI project... In short the Platform takes the heat for almost any issue encountered by a user.

The Project Explorer wasn't touched by e4 so the state that it's in wasn't some sort of regression.

As far as being 'laggy' goes the JetBrains folks *by their own benchmarks* are slower in reacting to keyboard input than IntelliJ. If you can articulate where it feels laggy perhaps there's some tuning that could be done.


When I said "lagging a lot", I mean lagging behind (in terms of polish and quality) with regards to other IDEs. I wasn't referring to UI lag/sluggishness.

As for the Plaftorm UI thing, well, if it's not Platform UI, it's Core, Debug, JFace, or some other part of the Platform. Nearly all the issues I mentioned are related to the Eclipse Platform, which is what a users deals with if theu use any Eclipse-based IDE, or if you want to develop your own IDE.

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