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Re: [ide-dev] Language Server Protocol

Hi Sven,

Thanks for sharing this.
I am highly interested and even have concrete plans to try to work on making the Eclipse IDE Text Editor more "extensible" so it could be extended without being subclassed. The idea is simply to create extension points to plug some completion, content-assist, navigation... strategies. Then, the VSCode and the TextMate grammar support would be the 2 most obvious candidates to implement and provide such extensions.
Any help on contributing to making the Text Editor extension-aware would be welcome. AFAIK, there is no bug created yet, but unless someone do it earlier (please make me cc!) I'll work on it next week.

I agree with the general enthusiasm: those language servers are awesome and taking advantage of them in whatever tool/IDE is a great way forward!
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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