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[ide-dev] Multiple languages on Eclipse/TextMate bundles support (i.e.: Open sourcing LiClipse editor component)

Hi All,

I think it'd be nice letting people in the list know that I've open sourced the bits on LiClipse related to supporting multiple languages/TextMate bundles in a single editor (it's called LiClipseText).

So, although the commercial LiClipse still exists, the open source editor component is what supports TextMate/Sublime Text bundles (although there are more benefits if its own language specification is used as it's better able to use the partitioning/scanning concepts of Eclipse -- the TextMate format is nice because there are many available syntaxes out there, but it targets flexibility more than it targets performance).

Just thought I'd share, as I think it makes creating editor based on Eclipse a much improved experience (especially on the highlighting front, as it's possible to create the grammar and experiment with it on the fly, while the partitioning view can provide insight on how things are being partitioned) -- and now, being EPL, the barriers for others to use it should be much lower ;)

For those interested, it's homepage is:

Best Regards,


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