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[ide-dev] A story of Handly and MelnormeEclipse

I'm the main developer and a project lead for Handly [1], a Technology project at Eclipse that aims to provide generic building blocks for (and around) code-centric handle-based models similar in design concepts to the JDT Java model, the CDT C model, and the like.
Having been in active development for two years at Eclipse, Handly is not exactly a new project, and I guess that many of you might have heard about it, but as witnessed by this recent thread [2] started by Bruno Medeiros on the project's forum, there are still people who might have been interested in such effort but didn't even know that it exists.
Bruno is the main developer of MelnormeEclipse [3], a project somewhat similar in its goals to Handly and with a clear overlap, so some effort could probably have been saved rather than fragmented, were the projects discover each other earlier.
Part of the problem is that it's not easy to find an effective communication channel that parties interested in IDE development and Languages Tools Factorization [4] are listening to.
This mailing list appears to be the best available channel for this, but I must admit that I didn't know about it when the Handly project was started, and Bruno also said it had took him quite a while to find out about it. So there might be other people potentially interested in this topic who, however, don't know about this list either.
Perhaps it might be worthwhile to think about if and how the ide-dev list could be made a bit more visible, given that it has no corresponding project and thus no obvious place for newcomers to discover it.

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