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[ide-dev] Policy of the Platform projects with regards to tests accessing non-public members


I've started recently my first attempt at a big functionality patch for an Eclipse Platform project. Previously I've only submitted very small, trivial patches.

Whilst beginning to write tests for this functionality, I've noticed that nearly all platform.ui and platform.text *test* plugins are separate plugins, and not plugin-fragments of the plugin being tested. This makes it impossible for the test code to directly access non-public members of the plugin being tested (see ).

This severely limits the usefulness/potential of what the tests can do, so I'm wondering, is this some official code policy of the Platform projects, is there some limitation prevent them from being converted to fragment bundles, or did simply no one got around to doing it?

Would then a patch to change a test bundle to a fragment be accepted? The tests I'm writing need access to non-public plugin members. (of org.eclipse.core.filebuffers , if you're wondering)

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