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Re: [ide-dev] The LangEclipseIDE project

A related problem is that Eclipse wants to be a platform to build IDEs upon but refused for its entire existence to provide the abstractions to build an IDE. Nearly everything is in JDT, which was only made for Java. Every other language implementation had to either fork JDT, extend it or rewrite everything from scratch.
That's not true, there are multiple pieces of JDT that are now in platform.ui that were originally only Java-centric, and that were abstracted to be re-usable for other languages. Examples include Navigator, Working Sets and probably many others.
But there are still some pieces of JDT that could be abstracted. There is a lot of interest for that, there have been many discussions, but not often actions so far. It would be nice to have you contributing to this effort.

I don't know why the Eclipse foundation just couldn't see that the IDE sector is what made Eclipse important and what keeps Eclipse alive. I only know that they killed Eclipse for IDE/plugin developers by completely fucking up the internals and by doing that they also killed the platform for all of their users.
First, don't mix Eclipse Foundation and Eclipse Community. From this page, you'll see what is the current role of the Foundation and you'll find it's not about "driving" project development.
But the community now put some more effort in the IDE, and the Foundation supports some initiatives to focus some effort on the IDE:
About killing Eclipse for IDE/plugin developers and killing the Platform for all their users; this is simply not true at all. There are a lot of examples of happy and very productive plugin developers, and a lot of successful IDEs (or DSDE - Domain Specific Development Environment) built on top of Eclipse.

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