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Re: [ide-dev] The LangEclipseIDE project

Scala IDE dev here. A few years ago I would have welcomed such a project, nowadays I lost faith in the Eclipse platform. There are too many internal issues and limitations that make using the eclipse.core and especially the jdt.core API a pain. This means that over the years we reduced dependencies to these APIs as much as possible and replaced them with our own implementations.

We still depend on JDT because that is how we started and while our core is ready in moving away from JDT our UI is not. JDT provides some useful stuff like the package explorer, the outline view, the junit integration etc. and we don't have the resources to replace them by ourselves. Do you have any plans to provide programming language independent UI components? This could make your project useful to us, for core API we probably don't have a need anymore.

On 07/03/2015 03:34 PM, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
Hi guys. Doug pointed me to this mailing list, so I wanted to let you know about a project I've been working on: LangEclipseIDE.

LangEclipseIDE is a framework/library for building language IDEs on top of Eclipse. It aims to provide common functionality that is present in IDEs like JDT or CDT but is not refactored out into an externally reusable component. So the aim here is similar to DLTK, but the overall design is different in some ways (even though we reuse bits of code from JDT and DLTK).

LangEclipseIDE is currently used by 3 IDEs: DDT, RustDT, and Goclipse. It's still a young project so there is much more that could be done. It would be nice to get some collaboration going with other IDE projects as there is a lot of potential for that.

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