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Re: [ide-dev] Reactions on Mars release

Most IDE¹s will open a web page in the IDE after an upgrade to show what¹s
new and help users start with the new features.

Which speaks to our whole User Assistance platform, which I feel is
woefully outdated and cumbersome. I¹ve seen commercial products based on
Eclipse struggle to put something better in place. It would be nice to
co-ordinate that activity and do something that¹ll treat the open source
components with the same quality level as the commercial components.

Any thoughts on how we could do this better in the IDE itself?


On 2015-06-29, 12:07 PM, "ide-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Denis
Roy" <ide-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>I believe Wayne is addressing this as we type, but the lack of a
>combined New and Noteworthy make the upgrade experience rather unexciting.
>I upgraded Luna to Mars, and couldn't really tell what was different
>from five minutes ago since I pointed my shiny new Eclipse at an
>existing workspace.  I was left with the question, "why did I just
>I'll open a FR, but I think we could/should leverage the Welcome screen
>to show some exciting What's New info even if we're working on an
>existing workspace.
>I did file some bugs for the horrible look of Eclipse on Linux.
>Apparently my version of GTK 3 and/or oxygen theme has something to do
>with it.
>On 06/29/2015 04:45 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:
>> Reddit:
>> * Overall, some interest and enthusiasm. Even people who don't like
>> Eclipse love to talk about it ;)
>> * Dark Theme still not perfect
>> * JDT completion not perfect with Java 8 (it was highlighter in an
>> EclipseCon France talk:
>> * Questionable benefit of the Mars .app and installer
>> But there are some good arguments in this thread to defend Eclipse
>> against IntelliJ:
>> * The lack of incremental builder in IntelliJ is unacceptable for some
>> * Swing-based APIs are uglier than SWT-based ones in much cases.
>> As usual, those who say bad things against Eclipse seem to not have
>> started it since Kepler.
>> I'm a bit surprised by the lack of feedback on the nested projects
>> thing. It seems to be too hidden for most users to find it (since many
>> packages use the Package Explorer view, which doesn't even provide the
>> feature; and since even if user open the Project Explorer the feature is
>> off by default). However, everyone who finds this feature seems to be
>> immediately very pleased with it, that's already good.
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