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[ide-dev] Reactions on Mars release

* Overall, some interest and enthusiasm. Even people who don't like Eclipse love to talk about it ;)
* Dark Theme still not perfect
* JDT completion not perfect with Java 8 (it was highlighter in an EclipseCon France talk: )
* Questionable benefit of the Mars .app and installer
But there are some good arguments in this thread to defend Eclipse against IntelliJ:
* The lack of incremental builder in IntelliJ is unacceptable for some users
* Swing-based APIs are uglier than SWT-based ones in much cases.
As usual, those who say bad things against Eclipse seem to not have started it since Kepler.

I'm a bit surprised by the lack of feedback on the nested projects thing. It seems to be too hidden for most users to find it (since many packages use the Package Explorer view, which doesn't even provide the feature; and since even if user open the Project Explorer the feature is off by default). However, everyone who finds this feature seems to be immediately very pleased with it, that's already good.
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