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Re: [ide-dev] Cross-platform free Visual Studio

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 10:59 AM, Michael Scharf <eclipse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2015-04-30 7:16, Mickael Istria wrote:
> I'm more curious on how this will affect Sublime Text and maybe
> even IntelliJ WebStorm popularity.

It seems that now IDEs pop up every day:

Facebook announced a cross platform cross language IDE called
Nuclide ( It is not (yet) available, but they
claim it can be used for web and mobile development and in contrast
to sublime they support code completion and navigation. Their
claim is that classical IDEs like eclipse/XCode are slow and
heavy weight and therefore they slow down the development process.

They also claim, that for Objective-C they use the command line
tools to do code completion and navigation.

Nuclide is used internally at facebook and is based on githubs
atom editor ( which is written in _javascript_...
Therefore it is "hackable" for many developers.

Considering the fact, that writing eclipse plug-ins is *very*
difficult, solutions like Sublime (python) and Atom (_javascript_)
make it much easier to integrate existing tools.

If you compare the complexity of integrating tools in those
"hackable" IDEs/Editors with the effort to write eclipse
plugins, it is quite humbling. Take the integration of a
_javascript_ linting tool, like
or into Sublime:

Or the integration into the atom editor:

Compare this with the effort it takes to integrate such
external tools into eclipse (I cannot find a eslint integration)

The new IDEs embrace the command line and instead of rewriting
external tools, they easily integrate them. This is what I always
thought that the 'I' in IDE stands for...


​Well, will get there soon to enable such integrations into Eclipse ;)

Adding a new language is currently already available by creating a single new ".liclipse" file and putting it into the proper place... (



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