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Re: [ide-dev] Cross-platform free Visual Studio

Yeah, saw that as well and was similarly shocked. But I guess I shouldn’t. Microsoft has been following our lead for a while and introducing a cross platform tool for their Azure customers makes total sense, just as we do for our Java-based cloud offerings. My proudest moment for CDT was when they introduced proper Intellisense for Visual C++ until after CDT introduced a full featured content assist.

I think we still have an upper hand. Just a few days ago it struck me as I made a code change for my C app running on QNX, then changed the Java vert.x server code it talked to, and then the React.js _javascript_ client page that showed the data, all from my single Eclipse workspace, we’ve got a great thing going, especially as an Internet of Things IDE. Hard to beat our platform coverage.


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Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM
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