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Re: [ide-dev] Project News Notifications in Eclipse?

On 02/13/2015 07:44 AM, Marcel Bruch wrote:
This sounds like a general +1 for putting feed content into the IDE. Sources can be any RSS feed. This certainly needs some kind of UI to allow users manage feeds and some not-so-much intrusive way to notify them about news. This is the next interesting discussion.
I was thinking about a system tray icon, or toolbar item - only visible when there are news.
I support the idea of a Facebook-like icon in the system tray, that becomes red when there are unread content. This icon could picture some newspaper.
Clicking on it would open a viewer dialog (which is better than a view for that task IMO, as view are intrusive). From the dialog, there would be some "update feeds" link, linking to a Preference page to manage the list of feeds.
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