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Re: [ide-dev] Project News Notifications in Eclipse?


The status bar often has no status message to display. Perhaps, when there is unread news, the blank status message could be replaced by a 'hyperlink' to open the news in a browser. The 'hyperlink' could have distinctive but not irritating font/background/colors so that the switching between real status message and 'hyperlink' attracts attention.


        Ed Willink

On 13/02/2015 06:44, Marcel Bruch wrote:
On 12 Feb 2015, at 15:43, Ian Skerrett <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 12/02/2015 9:30 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:
I agree 100% but shouldn't we at least try to make sure we are using what we have today? If we create a new shiny channel, it is not clear we will actually use it.
I didn't have in mind to create another channel with dedicated content/governance and so on, but more to make usual channels (Foundation news, project news, PlanetEclipse and others) visible inside the IDE through RSS.
As you said this already exists for the Foundation news, it seems to be mainly a matter of rethinking where and when user would like to see such news. What about showing those news as notifications just like Facebook or Google+ do with some red icon when there is new content to read? It seems to be a good compromise between high visibility and low intrusion.
Excellent. I am all for getting the Foundation news feed included in as many places as possible.  :-)

This sounds like a general +1 for putting feed content into the IDE. Sources can be any RSS feed. This certainly needs some kind of UI to allow users manage feeds and some not-so-much intrusive way to notify them about news. This is the next interesting discussion.

The tip of the day proposal already got some - 1. Mylyn style notification popups may also be a bit too intrusive IMHO.
I was thinking about a system tray icon, or toolbar item - only visible when there are news.

Is there a big -1 for using the system tray?

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