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Re: [ide-dev] Yet another article advising to leave Eclispe


On 16/10/2014 17:04, Doug Schaefer wrote: really is the 3rd party plug-ins that are probably more a problem than the projects at Eclipse. 

And that’s what I’m at a loss to fix. A
Since fixing third party plugins is impossible, the platform must step in. Two suggestions.

Firstly, as an aide to better code: An API such as MessageDialog.openErrorOnce(...) to ensure that a message only irritates once. This would save me and other programmers having to maintain their own have-I-reported-this-already logic.

Secondly, as a counter-measure to determinedly irritating plugins. Additional buttons on modal dialogs (possibly behind the Help button) could allow users to set a never-show-me-this-dialog-again preference.


        Ed Willink

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