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Re: [ide-dev] Yet another article advising to leave Eclispe

On 2014-10-15, 1:10 PM, "Marcel Bruch" <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Is this an issues specific to STS or something people are seeing with
>>base EPP packages? Sounds like a flaky plugin to me, but hard to say
>>from lack of detail.
>I can at least confirm that we receive a fair amount of NPEs from
>com.springsource.ide and related plugins every day.
>But what do I knowŠ I see many of them these daysŠ

That speaks to a need we identified many years ago but never caught any
energy, the need to have a central interop testing facility that would
hopefully help identify things like this.

I¹m at a loss for answers. We talk a lot about the issues but there¹s
never any action to address them. We are severely resource depleted from
what I can tell and I¹m not sure how we bring people and, more
importantly, companies who pay people, back to the table.

There are pockets that keep my hopes going at least a little. My team here
at QNX has had severe problems using Java 8 features with JDT leading to
numerous stack overflows and hangs in the editor. The JDT team has been
very responsive to help and we really appreciate that and will work hard
to get them the information they need to fix these issues so we can
continue to use the IDE that we love in a way that¹s really cool. How you
do async programming without lambdas is beyond me and we don¹t want to go

But it has made me very sad at the same time. Anyone trying to do the same
thing we are would just walk away. I don¹t know if Netbeans or IntelliJ
can do the things we¹ve been doing. But maybe they have taken a simpler
approach that doesn¹t cause grief like this (all issues trace back to the
Java parsers and source element handling). But I really got the sense of
what they are thinking and how, yeah, you would think of just walking away.


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