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Re: [ide-dev] Window Dressing

On 12/09/2013 11:00 PM, Miles Parker wrote:
If you gave me a small pile of cash and let me spend it on whatever I wanted to to improve Eclipse user experience*, I’d say… “Icons!"
Seriously. The current icon set is more than showing it’s age. Despite devs wanting to think that we’re above all of this, L&F _matters_, and I think a new set of core flat, simple chromatic icons would do wonders for user perception and help us all enjoy using the tooling more. It could also align w/ a move toward more web oriented tools.
I agree it's a place where much improvement can happen, and with immediate benefit for user-experience.
*I recognize that noone is ever going to do that. This is just a thought experiment. ;-D
You know, the foundation has sponsored projects logos this year. Maybe we could come to a way to get it sponsoring new icons.
I also believe that it's worth evaluating the price of such effort (how much a design company would ask for all icons). Then it could be funded by the community (of adopters and users, individual or companies) just like a kickstarter project. People commit to a donation to make it happen, and when there is enough money promised, Foundation retrieve the cash and pays for the new icons, that we integrate once they're ready.
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