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Re: [ide-dev] Window Dressing


I know this is not the exact same thing, but I'm working on a new set of changes to use new  icons based on png instead of gif icons. This is based on a contribution of svg icons for platform and JDE by Tony McCrary.

See the followng bug reports for some of the work.

Using png instead of gifs has the advantage that png have a real transparency and look also good on dark themes.

Best regards, Lars

2013/12/9 Miles Parker <miles.parker@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

If you gave me a small pile of cash and let me spend it on whatever I wanted to to improve Eclipse user experience*, I’d say… “Icons!"

Seriously. The current icon set is more than showing it’s age. Despite devs wanting to think that we’re above all of this, L&F _matters_, and I think a new set of core flat, simple chromatic icons would do wonders for user perception and help us all enjoy using the tooling more. It could also align w/ a move toward more web oriented tools.

I wonder if I’m totally alone here or if there are others that would support this as a priority?



*I recognize that noone is ever going to do that. This is just a thought experiment. ;-D

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