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Re: [ide-dev] Survey for IDE feature enhancements

Am 20.11.2013 18:10, schrieb Mickael Istria:
On 11/20/2013 03:59 PM, Sven Efftinge wrote:
Just to make it a bit more clear and concrete we are talking about things like 
- always disallowing boxing conversions or
- disallowing unqualified field access (i.e. always write 'this.myField' instead of 'myField')
It's not "disallowing" it's just a warning that it is for some people/contexts a bad practice.
well, if you are striving for a clean build (not only in terms of errors but also with respect to warnings) you will have to turn those options off...

Of course workspace mechanic (as Wayne pointed out) could help here.
I've tried it and my first impression is good.

Nevertheless we should choose sensible defaults that don't force the majority of users to switch them off.


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