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Re: [ide-dev] IDE working group questions

On 10/21/2013 06:09 PM, Eugene Ostroukhov wrote:
I see no point in voting or opening new bugs. No number of votes will fix 7 y.o. bug. Eclipse bug tracker is becoming not unlike those pointless online petition sites.
If I can give you a piece of advice with getting things changed: never give up and don't get resignated. I've seen many projects at Eclipse who have a lot open bugs/enhancement requests and can't address them all. In such case, it often happens that reviving a bug, sharing a new use-case, explaining how much something annoys you, or how much something will help you... just gives another vision on project developer on the request, so they understand better the request, agree with it, raise its priority and finally fix it.
This community is open discussion, convincing someone else to work on feature A instead of feature B, and getting convinced by someone else to work on feature A instead of feature B, is part of the game. There is nothing wrong in saying in a Bugzilla or a mailing-list that feature B seems pointless whereas feature A would be very helpful. And often it works: if you're persuasive, you get what your want ;)
So there would be nothing wrong in getting to a 7 years old Bugzilla and say how much you'd like to see stuff happening there.

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