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Re: [ide-dev] IDE working group questions

Hi Eugen,

I won't answer about the IDE Working Group, but I think your feedback/requests have a good value, and you should make sure such feedback is not lost. So I encourage you to start by putting these ideas in the tracker, independently of how/who/whether they will be fixed.

On 10/18/2013 11:42 PM, Eugene Ostroukhov wrote:
1. Inability to handle unknown file types. General-purpose editors (e.g. Sublime) will open any file type as text file and provide fairly easy means (e.g. not requiring PDE experience) to setup syntax highlight, brackets matching, etc. Eclipse simply pops open a "system editor" (e.g. Xcode, web browser or Visual Studio) which is incredibly irritating and slow.
You should add your comment and your vote to that bug: , and also create a new bug to ask a property to select behaviour for unknow file types: open system editor, or open default text editor in Eclipse.

2. Inability to work with non-workspace files. The only way in Eclipse is by using that menu item - while other editors can "open" a folder and then provide features like Eclipse "Open Resource…". In Eclipse it is not possible to use Git integration, Open Resource and such.
You should either open a bug to request that "Import directory as project" or "New Project from existing directory". Please come back with a link when you're done, that's actually something that I miss too, and that is probably not-that-difficult to implement and get merged.

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