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Re: [ide-dev] An "IDE Working Group"

On 09/23/2013 09:28 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
I thought about this as well. This working group could focus on marketing aspects (such as the /ide and /java pages) as well as coming up with a sustainable model for funding platform development.

Marketing is not what most of the contributing companies are looking for. Almost any company contributing to an IDE-related project do it either because they are very big users of Eclipse, or because they ship an IDE based on the Eclipse IDE. Those companies are interested by improvements that will boost their productivity with Eclipse or that will increase the quality of their own IDE.
Most companies tempted to join such an IDE working group won't do that just to boost the Eclipse IDE, but to take direct benefit from them. Spending money to get Eclipse get 2 more % of market share is not a direct benefit.

Instead, what I hope such a working group could do is, based on the knowledge of IDE market companies have, to identify the main area where Eclipse has to improve and influence (with money or whatever works) some contributors to focus on those topics.
Of course, if some people in this working group want to do marketing, nothing should stop them, but if you ask Big Corp, which edits an IDE on top of Eclipse, to give money to make marketing around Eclipse IDE and create a web page to grow user rate of 2%, it's most likely you won't get it.
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