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Re: [ide-dev] Why we dropped Eclipse in favour of IntelliJ | Java Code Geeks

Because I sounded negative in previous postings I should start by agreeing: yes, the Eclipse (Java-) IDE can use some improvement and the only way to get there is to join forces and just do it. I mean it, but ...

The JDT team currently hasn't even the time to join this discussion, because we're in danger of running late for delivering first-class support for Java 8 within 6 months' time. And please remember: adding people to a late project makes it late. Then between Java 8 GA and Eclipse Luna GA, the JDT team probably needs one thing: vacations.

I hope that all the good will expressed in this list: aims at a post-Luna time frame and: aims indeed at the Eclipse (Java) IDE, knowing that some of the most annoying bugs in the Eclipse (Java) IDE can be fixed in Platform UI, m2e, releng (performance tests) etc.

Sorry guys, I'd love to "just do it right now", but for JDT this is unfortunately quite bad timing (my personal sentiment, no time yet to discuss this with others in the team).


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