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Re: [ide-dev] An "IDE Working Group"

A working group might be how companies can participate that don’t want to provide developers/committers. We find a group of companies that are willing to spend $50K/each to fund some developers to work on JDT.


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Well, to be fair, a lot of companies are already contributing resources to make the IDE better but at the project level. It just hasn't been co-ordinated between projects for the greater good.


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I tend to agree. Working groups are exactly the mechanism created for this purpose. ?It's the obvious way forward in my mind. 


Of course, a working group would actually require some companies to put their {time+resources+money} where their mouth is. And that is where all previous attempts to make progress on this topic have faltered.


Mike Milinkovich

From: Mickael Istria

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Since it didn't led to many reactions, here is why I think an IDE Working Group makes sense to improve the IDE parts of Eclipse.
Such a working group would allow the various interested organizations to share the concerns and their plans about the IDE. Sharing those ideas will probably give more dynamics and encourage collaboration in developing a better IDE. Companies could share their wishes and plans for the given project, and would then give more predictibility and what we can expect will be done and what won't be done to allow a better dispatching of resources.

Mickael Istria
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