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Re: [hudson-dev] Recommended Logging solution ?

On 2/11/12 12:20 AM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
2012/2/7 Winston Prakash<winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
Agreed, we should focus on v3. Can you remember if slf4j is  available
in v2 core as it is, or do I need to include it in the plugin until v3
is released ?
slf4j is in the war bundle (from inject module), so should be ok at runtime.
You may have to define it for compile time, since it is not exposed through
I have now tried to convert my plugin, but ran into a problem. I am
executing a program and in order to follow its output I use
hudson.util.LogTaskListener. This class only support java util logging

Right noticed that. Have to introduce new constructor and methods with SL4J and deprecate the ones with JUL

- Winston

I have created a problem report:

Best regards

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