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Re: [hudson-dev] Recommended Logging solution ?

IMO, we should not change v2 core and leave it as a stable as possible. We should spend our energy on v3. Lots of things have changed in v3 and this would be one addition to it.

Having said that, if it is plugin only changes for v2 then go ahead. sl4j is agreed up on by many people.

- Winston

On 2/6/12 1:45 PM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:

This is a spin off from the PluginContext discussion.  I am currently
updating a plugin and as part of that I would like to align with the
recommended solution for logging.

As far as I have understood the outcome of that part of the discussion
was "c) use slf4j over creating yet another logging facade". So my
question is if this logging framework as been chosen (as in that is
where hudson v3 is heading) and will work with Hudson v2 as well?

If yes is safe to assume that my maven dependency should be set to provided ?

Best regards
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