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Re: [hudson-dev] New Hudson-on-Hudson

2012/2/7 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Henrik,

> since I only give it the web url for Hudson I thought it just used the
> normal web ports ?
> I wish it did. But that is not the case. The <url> you specify in the
> command line is used to get a header which contains the CLI port to connect.
> If you look at the returned header you will see
> X-Hudson-CLI-Port 49741

Then I learned something new (again) :-)

but as I said it works against the current HonH instance so the
firewalls must be open enough whether by accident or design. So maybe
all we need to verify is that the new instance will have the same
level of security as in same firewall rules ?

Best regards

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