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[hudson-dev] Issues with SVNKit CQ

In relation to the CQ request for SVNKit 1.3.7 (CQ 6184). We have hit a bit of a roadblock in that we can't distribute SVNKit from (see extract below)
Given that SVN is very much part of Hudson Core I don't think that we want to push it out onto the Plug-ins site (although that's an option in the short term). How feasible is the self-bootstrapping idea where we pull the JAR dynamically on first run?


------- Comment #5 From Wayne Beaton 2012-02-02 12:05:55 [reply] -------
IP review of previous versions of SVNKit have determined that there are "difficulties associated with licensing and pedigree".

The TMate license has been determined to be incompatible with the EPL; this is--essentially--a full stop with respect to any effort to distribute this library from Eclipse.

There is potential to have this library declared as a "WORKSWITH" on the basis that Hudson works just fine without this library, but has enhanced functionality if the library is present. The wrinkle is that the library cannot be distributed from (i.e. it cannot exist in our code repositories, or download server). It may be used to compile as part of a build on our build server as the build server is not accessible to the general public.

FWIW, the Subversive project uses SVNKit in this manner. The first time you use Subversive, they open a dialog box that invites the user to download SVNKit (among other options); at that point the user is required to accept the license explicitly.

Do you want to move forward with this as a WORKSWITH? Let me know if you have other questions.



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