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[hudson-dev] Eclipse Progress

Apologies, I'll not be able to make the community meeting next Monday as I'll be traveling.  However, here's a quick update on some of the interesting stuff for the Eclipse release process

1) Core JAR CQs.  We now have all but one of the library requests in place for the M0 release.  I anticipate a couple more to be added for M1 as Winston carries out further jar upgrades but largely we're there.  For reference I've documented all of this in the Wiki[1]. As part of this process 28 new CQs were required.

2) Problem Libraries. We currently have two problem libraries.
i) TMate SVNKit used by the SVN plugin - this has been rejected[2] . So, as per my previous note today, we need to look at a way of dynamically pulling that in at runtime, or we'll have to push the SVN plugin back to the plugins project
ii) The XOM library which I think we pull in indirectly via json-lib. This has a LGPL license which is a no-no at Eclipse.  So I've mailed the author asking for an alternative license.

3) More forking.  Winston can discuss this at the meeting, but we're thinking of taking Forks of Stapler, Stapler-groovy and Stapler-jelly  from back at the 1.155 release (just so there is no pollution with code written after the Jenkins split)

4) Tier 1 Plug-in Library usage. I'm still working through CQs for the various core plug-ins - Many are already submitted but I need to do due diligence and check though.

5) Hudson Book.  If folks want to keep contributing to the Hudson Book they can do so.  They will, however, need a copy of the OCA[3] on file - Susan can help folks with that.

6) New Machines for Hudson-ci - yes we have them, but we're awaiting some firewall configuration to be done so Winston and I can start the migration.




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