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[hudson-dev] How to handle SNAPSHOT parent version in plugins


While trying to recreate the jobs needed for hudson-on-hudson on my
local machine, I have discovered that it relies on a shared local
maven repository in order to resolve SNAPSHOT parents in plugins.

I can understand that we sometime need to point to the newest SNAPSHOT
version if the plugin requires new core functionality  and we want to
have the plugin ready for when the new version arrives. However the
way we are doing it now hides potential errors,  for an example of
this see my mail about the JCaptcha plugin.

I think we need to find a better when to handle this, making it more
explicit when a plugin needs the new snapshot version.

One suggestion could be that the setting.xml has a profile which
defines a SNAPSHOT repository, and plugins needing this can then
activate said repository. I am just not sure which repository to point

Any other suggestions ?

Best regards

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