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Re: [hudson-dev] New development Page in the Wiki

2011/12/9 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>
The Eclipse foundation is implementing Gerrit to submit patches to git repositories by non committers. It is not ready yet. As I learned from  Denis Roy (Eclipse Web master), it won't be ready until end of this month.

I wont be ready with most of my contributions until 2012 anyways, so I think it is easiest if I wait for gerrit.

Note, some how I'm not able to apply the patch I create from the "eclipse-move" branchs. I have to cut and paste the code and that causes the author to loose the authorship. Probably I may have to create a mirror repos for all just like how I did for core.

I do have one contribution which I hope can make it in before the next release, I have described the change in

I know it is not in patch format, but I hope it doesn't matter too much with such a small change. For good sake and order, I don't care for authorship in that contribution. 

Best regards

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