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Re: [hudson-dev] New development Page in the Wiki

The Eclipse foundation is implementing Gerrit to submit patches to git repositories by non committers. It is not ready yet. As I learned from  Denis Roy (Eclipse Web master), it won't be ready until end of this month.

Eclipse foundation does not allow pull-merge-push.  Only allows patch and push as explained here The eclipse committer who  patch and commit will be the committer and the authors name will be preserved. For example

Until the Gerrit is in place we need to continue using Github

The core mirror is at

All others have a branch "eclipse-move"

Note, some how I'm not able to apply the patch I create from the "eclipse-move" branchs. I have to cut and paste the code and that causes the author to loose the authorship. Probably I may have to create a mirror repos for all just like how I did for core.

- Winston

On 12/9/11 8:58 AM, Duncan Mills wrote:
Really we should do this from now on so that the IP of any contribution can be tracked as per the Eclipse procedures.

For contributions into Hudson @ GItHub then we don't need to be so strict.  Winston how would you like to play this? Pull or Patch?

On 09/12/2011 16:48, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
Quick question,

When should non-commiters start to use this new approach versus github
pull requests ?

Best regards

2011/12/9 Duncan Mills <duncan.mills@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Now that commits are well underway on the Eclipse GIT repositories I've
started to put together a development page providing details of the
repositories and basic information about generating patches for

This page is still a work in progress but hopefully you'll find it useful -
feel free to add or amend


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