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[hono-dev] Face to face results


I just wanted to give you an update regarding the face to face meeting we had during the last two days in Berlin.

As expected, we did not make it through all of the agenda but we had very valuable discussions around some of the agenda items. In particular we were able to get better understanding of what Hono should do and what it should not do. 
During the next days we will add more and more of our results to the Hono wiki on GitHub [1] and/or the mailing list. I have started to add an additional topology option called "Hybrid Connection Model" that we discussed today and which we would like to put to a more thorough test by means of walking through relevant usage scenarios. I have started by adding a sequence diagram for sending telemetry data downstream from a protocol adapter to a business application [2].
I also want to add a sequence diagram for sending a command from a business application to a device and receiving back the result. But it's a little late now so I'll postpone that to tomorrow :-)

BTW I would like to encourage the other participants to share their thoughts and insights gathered during the workshop on the mailing list and the wiki as well :-)



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