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Re: [higgins-dev] configuration nightly


Yes, you are right, for now, you need to set up either http or ftp
location to retrieve those libraries which we can't put into CVS along
with the project.

"lib" and "libl" locations are just an example for a case when some
project is configured to have more then one location for its libraries
(useful for complex projects like web apps).

With regards to "plugin" target it looks like the problem is that
folder "src/META-INF/" in the configuration.api project contains
MANIFEST.MF file but it must not be there in order to build the
project as eclipse plugin. I've removed that file from CVS, so, next
build should be successful.

With regards to absent error messages it looks like it is a bug in the
nightly build script. We'll look into this problem.



Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 5:59:57 PM, you wrote:

>  Except for the plugin target, the Configuration API successfully
> built last night.  That was the easy one...
>  The other configuration components require libraries.  From the
> example dependencies.xml file on the Wiki page, it appears that I
> need to set up an http location for retrieving those libraries that
> aren't approved for redistribution by Eclipse.  In the example,
> though, I don't understand the "lib" and "libl" locations, and why commons-logging is in both.
>  ...Greg
>  PS.  Not sure what I need to do to get "plugin" build to
> complete.  Were there error messages from last night's build that will shed light on this?

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