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Re: [higgins-dev] new IdASRegistry

Yes, it's fine with me if you submit the XRDS configuration handler.


Markus Sabadello wrote:

That's fine with me. I just want to make sure the IdASRegistry can do everything it needs to do... Let me know if you feel anything is missing.

In the meantime, maybe I can commit my XRDS ConfigurationHandler, which should not break anything. Just so I can try my new CVS account and get a feeling for how committing works. Greg, is that ok? Is there anything I need to know before checking in new things?


On 8/6/07, *Tom Doman* <TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    As a Context Provider writer, though I've looked at it some and we
    had a few discussions via higgins-dev about it, I haven't had a
    chance to thoroughly review and give you feedback on the new
    IdASRegistry.  At the moment, I'm working on a different Bandit
    task that will probably take up the next 3 days after which I'll
    be on vacation and will not return until Monday, August
    13th.  Unless no one minds most of the CPs being broken until then
    (or longer depending on how long it takes me to digest what you've
    done and fix things up), or someone else wants to make the
    changes, I'd suggest we hold off for a while.  I intend to get to
    the new IdASRegistry review as soon as my current task is completed.


    >>> "Markus Sabadello" <msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:msabadello@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> 8/6/2007 7:49 AM >>>
    Hi all,

    Since I didn't get much feedback about the new XRI/XRDS based
    I am wondering if you guys (especially Jim and people working on
    Providers) had a chance to look at it.

    I would like to check it in soon so we can get this running, and
    it will
    definitely break a few things. The changes will include replacing
    ContextRefs with ContextIds in the IContextFactory interface.

    The relevant Wiki pages are:

    If noone objects I propose to commit this in a few days.. Let me
    know if I
    can help with anything.


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