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Re: Re[2]: [higgins-dev] Output directories for higgins projects

With the latest build changes, I cannot get the JNDI CP to build using ant.
It appears that it has issues with the buildaux.xml changes.


>>> Valery Kokhan <vkokhan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/31/2007 2:35 PM >>>
Yes, you are right with regards to buildaux.xml files and I was going
to update them along with .classpath and build.xml.

Actually, I have some ideas on generate buildaux.xml files for our
projects instead of create them manually. The only problem I see right
now is how to preserve custom targets and properties if people will
want to add (or change) something to generated scripts.



Tuesday, July 31, 2007, 11:03:54 PM, you wrote:

> You also need to fixup the buildaux.xml files that are used when
> not building under eclipse.  These currently expect .class files to
> be under build, not build/bin.  I would hate for all of those to be broken after doing this change.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

>>>> "Tom Doman" <TDoman@xxxxxxxxxx> 7/31/2007 1:44 PM >>>
> That sounds okay to me as long as these are properly included in
> .cvsingore files.  I just got through updating to the new
> configuration code and noticed that it wasn't standard with the
> other ones ... it used build/bin so I changed it to the standard. 
> So, if you prechanged this one, you'll have to do it again.  Anyway,
> what was there would show changes that needed to be synchronized in
> the build directory so we just need to make sure the .cvsignore files are properly set up.

> Thanks,
> Tom

>>>> Valery Kokhan <vkokhan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/31/2007 12:54 PM >>>
> In order to start running automated build scripts for higgins
> components we need to standardize output directories for our
> components.

> Right now output directories for higgins components looks like:
> build/ - location for project's class files
> build/lib/ - location for jar output
> build/doc/ - location for javadoc output
> build/plugins/ - location for output as plug-in

> Our new automated build script have a problem with output directory
> for class files because it need to use the same directory (build/) for
> temporary files which may cause unpredictable mistakes during builds.

> My proposal is to change output directory for project's class files to
> build/bin/ for all higgins projects to make sure that during automated
> builds we don't override or delete something by mistake.

> I'm going make proposed changes to all higgins projects and update
> build scripts respectively.

> Does anyone have problems with that?

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