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[higgins-dev] Output directories for higgins projects

In order to start running automated build scripts for higgins
components we need to standardize output directories for our

Right now output directories for higgins components looks like:
build/ - location for project's class files
build/lib/ - location for jar output
build/doc/ - location for javadoc output
build/plugins/ - location for output as plug-in

Our new automated build script have a problem with output directory
for class files because it need to use the same directory (build/) for
temporary files which may cause unpredictable mistakes during builds.

My proposal is to change output directory for project's class files to
build/bin/ for all higgins projects to make sure that during automated
builds we don't override or delete something by mistake.

I'm going make proposed changes to all higgins projects and update
build scripts respectively.

Does anyone have problems with that?



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