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[henshin-user] Henshin 1.6.0 released

Hello everyone,

we're happy to announce the release of Henshin 1.6.0!

Henshin 1.6.0 comes with several new major features, summarized below. At the same time, the language core remains stable: the API and meta-model of the new version are fully compatible with those of the previous version.

Henshin 1.6.0 is available from our update site - see for installation instructions. One of the new features (variant management) is so comprehensive that we decided to deploy it as a separate feature on our update site. However, Henshin modules with variant management information can still be opened without the variant management feature, as the relevant information is stored using generic annotations.

I successfully tested the installation with the lasted Eclipse version 2019-12 (Modeling Tools).

I'm especially happy that installing Henshin got easier again: By including the relevant bits of the GMF codebase from Papyrus, we avoid the previous setup where the user had to manually install a certain legacy GMF version (thanks to Alessio Di Sandro for providing the patch for this).

The new features are:
We have also fixed numerous bugs (too many too list here). Affected parts of the codebase include the graphical UI and the interpreter.

Such a comprehensive release with several new features wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of many people. I especially thank Maike Basmer, Kristopher Born, Alexandru Burdusel, Raffaela Groner, Benjamin Heidelmeier, Jevgenij Huebert, Stefan John, Timo Kehrer, Manuel Ohrndorf, Sven Peldszus, Stefan Schulz, Matthias Tichy, and Steffen Zschaler for their contributions.

Best regards,

Dr. Daniel Strüber 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers | University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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