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[henshin-user] NestedConditions



A rather technical question about NestedConditions and their representation in a .henshin file. Do tell me to take this somewhere else if that would be more appropriate.


I understand the theory behind application conditions: the condition is a graph and a morphism into this graph from a host graph. That is represented in Henshin by the ability to add a “formula” to a graph, where this formula can be a NestedCondition, which itself again contains a graph and a set of mapping. The containing graph is the host graph, the graph in the NestedCondition is the application-condition graph, and the mappings capture the morphism. So far so clear.


Except that’s not how it seems to work in practice: if you look at the attached file, produced by the standard graphical editor, you will see that only the nodes from the host graph have been replicated in the application-condition, but the edges haven’t. In other examples, I have seen cases where only the border nodes had been replicated. In any case, the mappings clearly aren’t a morphism as they do not fully cover the host graph.


Are all of these formats indeed acceptable? If so, is there a regularised format that is used inside Henshin and, if so, can this be reused outside of Henshin? Alternatively, are there minimum expectations on how an application condition should be encoded in a .henshin file? Is any of this documented anywhere? Should it be?






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