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[henshin-user] Upcoming release + changes

Hi all,

there's currently some momentum towards a new release for Henshin, which is planned for August.

A major change is that we will move towards Oxygen as the baseline Eclipse version (instead of Luna). This allows us to provide support for plenty of new features, including:
  • Support for debugging
  • A textual syntax
  • A new, faster replacement for critical pair analysis
  • Support for variant management
We also solved a major issue related to our integration of GMF (thanks Alessio Di Sandro for providing the patch we used for our solution). In the process, we got rid of the dependency to GMF tooling, and added a new dependency to Papyrus.

If you're working with the source code of the nightly build, you may have to prepare your Eclipse to fix this dependency. Please have a look at the updated instructions at

Best regards,

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