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[henshin-user] CDA vs CPA


I notice that in v1.5, which is what the nightly build currently seems to be producing, the old critical-pair analysis stuff has been replaced with a new version, which prefers the abbreviation CDA.

It looks like this works pretty much the same way as before, but that matches are shown as actual EPackages. Would it be possible to obtain some more detailed documentation on how this new approach works? In particular, how does one interpret the resulting matches? Are they meant to represent essential critical pairs? If so, are they basically the pushout of the pair span? How does one figure out the connection to the specific rule left-hand sides?

I've tried understanding this from the code, but didn't get very far with it, to be honest. Any pointers to any documentation would be much appreciated (ideally not an entire PhD thesis ;-) ).

Many thanks,


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