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Re: [gmt-dev] GMT Framework Proposal

> > Secondly you totally ignore the workflow component that you saw at
> > which forms the backbone of the GMT platform. For GMT we are taking a
> > standards-based approach to workflow that is consistent with
> >
> I saw the workflow component at OOPSLA. While I consider
> it useful, it is - I think - a second step. Firstly, we need to get
> some transfromations (or at least code generations) working.
> Once we have 20 different transformation languages and
> activities, we can add the workflow aspect to combine them.
The workflow component is of fundamental importance. Remember that we've
already got Fuutje as a model-to-text generation component. Ghica has just
developed a version of Fuutje that uses Velocity as the basis for the
template language. Besides Ed, we've got several other parties who would
like to contribute preliminary QVT implementations to GMT. This will only
work if we first focus on a platform that allows all these transformation
components to interoperate.

This approach will allow GMT to scale quickly in terms of contributers and
available functionality. Of course the first version of the workflow
component doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles, so we're starting
small. Further down the track we may then can provide the option to replace
the minimal, GMT specific workflow component with a more advanced WFMC
compliant open source or commercial workflow component.


Jorn Bettin
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