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Re: [gmt-dev] Initial UMLX prototype

I thought that all the umlx code was to be placed (for now) under a umlx 
sub-directory and to be shifted to appropriate locations at a later date 
(under an agreed component structure). However, you appear to have created a 
directory structure along the lines you proposed in an earlier email. Am I 
missing something where you all agreed to Ed's structure.

On Mon, 02 Jun 2003 20:37, Willink, Ed wrote:
> Hi All
> I have put all my UMLX code, support tools and some models into CVS.
> org.eclipse.gmt/umlx/ReadMe gives a few clues on installation.
> org.eclipse.gmt/umlx/examples/AddressBook/ReadMe gives a little
> overview on the status to date of the example in the
> org.eclipse.gmt-home/doc/umlx/UmlxGrpahicalLanguage.pdf
> paper.
> So that the example can be studied without any installation,
> a load of intermediate and output files are also provided.
> NB. The example is still in progress, but it works except for
> ignoring the rather important constraint between the mdels,
> as a result of which the updated address book is just a copy.
> Hope to get this fixed this week.
> Probably the Transformation.xmi is most ineresting because it
> shows the intermediate scan and build models.
> Design 'documentation' in umlx/models/UmlxCompiler.mga is
> annoitated to make it more readable in umlx/models/UmlxCompiler.doc.
> The implementation in umlx/bootstrap has close but far from precise
> correlation with the documentation.
> Getting the example in to place with two inputs forced me to clean
> up a number of outstanding niggles. I had previously always used
> a single GME file for conveniemce. Splitting schema, transforms
> and usage into separate sessions caused a problem with GME, the
> schema nodes when referenced from transforms and from usage had
> distinct xmi:id's, so I had to reconstruct them all from
> hierarchical names, so what was a slightly annoying 20 character id
> from GME is now a really annoying 100 character path, but at least
> it's full of diagnostic value. Compressing this is yet another
> optimisation pass.
> Note that the XMI is XMI 2.0, which very few tools support yet. we
> may want to write a trivial XMI 1.x to 2.0 transform.
> [A tip from the Ptolemy group. Make sure you have set your
> Preferences->CVS to maximum 9 compresoion, unless you've got a
> really good dial-up speed.]
> 	Regards
> 		Ed Willink
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