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[gmt-dev] Initial UMLX prototype

Hi All

I have put all my UMLX code, support tools and some models into CVS.

org.eclipse.gmt/umlx/ReadMe gives a few clues on installation.

org.eclipse.gmt/umlx/examples/AddressBook/ReadMe gives a little
overview on the status to date of the example in the

So that the example can be studied without any installation,
a load of intermediate and output files are also provided.

NB. The example is still in progress, but it works except for
ignoring the rather important constraint between the mdels,
as a result of which the updated address book is just a copy.
Hope to get this fixed this week.

Probably the Transformation.xmi is most ineresting because it
shows the intermediate scan and build models.

Design 'documentation' in umlx/models/UmlxCompiler.mga is
annoitated to make it more readable in umlx/models/UmlxCompiler.doc.
The implementation in umlx/bootstrap has close but far from precise
correlation with the documentation.

Getting the example in to place with two inputs forced me to clean
up a number of outstanding niggles. I had previously always used
a single GME file for conveniemce. Splitting schema, transforms
and usage into separate sessions caused a problem with GME, the
schema nodes when referenced from transforms and from usage had
distinct xmi:id's, so I had to reconstruct them all from 
hierarchical names, so what was a slightly annoying 20 character id
from GME is now a really annoying 100 character path, but at least
it's full of diagnostic value. Compressing this is yet another
optimisation pass.

Note that the XMI is XMI 2.0, which very few tools support yet. we
may want to write a trivial XMI 1.x to 2.0 transform.

[A tip from the Ptolemy group. Make sure you have set your
Preferences->CVS to maximum 9 compresoion, unless you've got a
really good dial-up speed.]

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd, Tel:  +44 118 923 8278 (direct)
Worton Drive,                            or  +44 118 986 8601 (ext 8278)
Worton Grange Business Park,             Fax:  +44 118 923 8399
Reading,   RG2 0SB
(formerly Racal Research and Thomson-CSF)

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