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June 20, 2022
13:29 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3217) Postgis - support json-type attributes Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
13:19 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3216) Support top-level arrays in json attributes Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 17, 2022
14:09 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3215) Postgis - support List-type attributes Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 14, 2022
15:59 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3214) Incorrect warning is logged for EXCLUDE scans Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 10, 2022
10:43 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3213) Postgis - error when creating multiple schemas simultaneously Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 09, 2022
14:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3212) Postgis - translate literal functions into SQL Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
10:35 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3211) Add support for SparkSQL functions in pyspark Matt Kearns (JIRA)
June 06, 2022
16:29 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3210) Support Spark 3.2+ Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
13:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3209) Postgis - create scripts fail if _wa table exists Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 02, 2022
14:33 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3208) Postgis - partition scripts break if feature type has upper-case letters Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
June 01, 2022
19:43 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3207) Kafka - add configurable prefix for consumer group Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 27, 2022
15:00 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3206) Kafka - Support writes to Confluent Schema Registry topics Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 25, 2022
16:10 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3205) Merged View store doesn't respect max features Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
09:48 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3204) Docs - update geoserver compatibility chart for 3.3+ Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 24, 2022
11:31 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3203) Short-circuit disjoint filters in index scans Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 23, 2022
13:55 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3202) Merged View store - Don't push down queries that won't return anything Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 20, 2022
13:01 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3201) Allow configuration of parallel partitioned scans at the data store level Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 13, 2022
04:42 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3200) CQL filters containing OR yields duplicated query results Kristin Cowalcijk (JIRA)
04:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3199) Behavior of operator '>' is inconsistent with other comparison operators when comparing string values Kristin Cowalcijk (JIRA)
May 10, 2022
09:28 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3198) Ability to read Kafka data store topics with Kafka streams Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
May 06, 2022
10:02 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3197) Cache simple feature types to avoid re-parsing the schema string Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 29, 2022
15:10 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3196) NiFi - Avro converter can't load schema files from ExtraClasspaths Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 21, 2022
11:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3195) Remote version check will use disposed data stores and log exceptions Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 18, 2022
11:10 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3194) Remove 'location' from reserved word list Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
10:42 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3193) HBase - CLI tools don't auto-configure properly without HBASE_HOME Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 14, 2022
23:33 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3192) Loading Zookeeper from is inconsistent John Gibson (JIRA)
April 13, 2022
15:32 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3191) Arrow scans fail if dictionary order does not match attribute order Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
08:30 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3190) NiFi - upgrade to version 1.15.3 Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
08:27 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3189) NiFi - support specifying metrics reporters in ingest processors Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 05, 2022
07:31 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3188) GeoServer - Add additional request data to the Elastic search monitor Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
April 01, 2022
14:04 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3187) Support SSL in graphite metrics Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
March 23, 2022
11:19 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3186) Generate feature wrappers from classpath feature types Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
March 11, 2022
13:24 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3185) Add extended request data and timeouts to GeoServer Elastic monitor plugin Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
March 07, 2022
14:37 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3184) XmlConverter - root element is no longer available to converters Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
07:52 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3183) Change provided sfts to use 'attributes' key instead of deprecated 'fields' key Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
March 04, 2022
08:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3182) Kafka CLI - zookeeper 3.7 fails to download jute jar Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
March 01, 2022
22:35 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3181) GeoServer data store page fails to refresh JIRA
February 18, 2022
16:08 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3180) NiFi - Support for partitioned postgis store Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
14:20 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3179) Kafka - support per-topic configuration in feature types Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
February 17, 2022
09:43 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3178) Some filters require jai on the classpath Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
February 14, 2022
08:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3177) Re-validate and set default date field during schema update Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
January 24, 2022
08:50 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3176) Docs - download examples are incorrect for newer tag structure Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
January 22, 2022
01:11 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3175) Whether geomesa 2.3.1 involves log4j CVE-2022-23302/23305/23307 vulnerability? chenping_iris (JIRA)
January 21, 2022
14:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3174) Postgis - make tablespaces modifiable Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
14:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3173) Postgis - persist feature type user data Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
January 18, 2022
14:35 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3172) NiFi - validator does not accept FeatureNameOverride plus SftSpec as a spec string Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
January 13, 2022
19:04 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3171) Support table partitioning with JDBCDataStore Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
15:36 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3170) Allow for specifying different shard numbers for Z2 and Z3 indices. Austin Heyne (JIRA)
January 06, 2022
10:00 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3169) Spark SQL - support UUID columns Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 30, 2021
10:21 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3168) Confluent KDS schema can be overriden per topic with configuration parameter Forrest Feaser (JIRA)
December 27, 2021
10:31 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3167) Confluent KDS supports writing SimpleFeatures Forrest Feaser (JIRA)
December 21, 2021
10:13 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3166) NiFi - converter js files fail to load Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 16, 2021
10:13 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3165) CLI - chunked exporter fails when writing to s3a Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 15, 2021
14:48 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3164) Extend ConfluentKafkaDataStore to support logical date types Forrest Feaser (JIRA)
11:48 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3163) Arrow queries fail with using multiple query plans Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 14, 2021
10:51 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3162) isn't loaded correctly, breaks TLS John Gibson (JIRA)
December 10, 2021
11:32 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3161) NiFi - Skip errors when converting records in GetGeoMesaKafkaRecord Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 09, 2021
12:59 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3160) NiFi - Support multi-threading for JDBC data stores Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 07, 2021
16:53 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3159) NiFi - GetGeoMesaKafkRecord exceptions not logged due to self-suppression Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
December 06, 2021
14:07 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3158) Seek-ahead to next valid range in Z3 scans Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
13:17 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3157) NiFi - ingest counts are inaccurate Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
November 30, 2021
19:01 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3156) Kafka - event time cache expiry does not work Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
November 22, 2021
10:38 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3155) Support Confluent Schema Registry serialization for the Kafka Data Store Forrest Feaser (JIRA)
09:29 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3154) CLI - HBase 1.4 classpath does not download hbase-server jar Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
November 17, 2021
16:58 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3153) MergedViewDataStore throws errors on null bounds Nate Hellmuth (JIRA)
15:36 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3152) Deletes with Attribute level visibilities do not work James Hughes (JIRA)
08:53 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3151) CLI - gt tools dependencies have invalid htrace versions Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
08:42 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3150) CLI - Support multi-threading for JDBCDataStore ingest Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
November 11, 2021
17:01 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3149) Exception KryoFeatureSerializerTest: Expected geometry type byte, but got 127 David Sacharny (JIRA)
November 10, 2021
13:04 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3148) Add notes about merging tables in Accumulo in conjunction with Age-off James Hughes (JIRA)
November 08, 2021
10:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3147) Spark - GeoMesaRelation does not set filter properly Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
October 18, 2021
09:35 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3145) Docs - Add note in readme about shaded spark jars Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
October 15, 2021
12:09 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3144) Lambda store - partitioner incorrectly reads the feature id Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
October 13, 2021
03:42 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3143) Duplicate write data of Geomesa-HBase-Spark hujian (JIRA)
October 12, 2021
11:41 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3142) NiFi - 'existing' schema compatibility check should not require same z3 interval Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
10:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3141) Add required maven versions plugin Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 29, 2021
16:14 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3140) Converters - file-based enrichment caches fail to load in NiFi Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 24, 2021
10:36 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3139) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.locationtech.geomesa.index.iterators.IteratorCache$ Dajiang zheng (JIRA)
September 23, 2021
15:15 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3138) NiFi - add default expression for ExtraClasspaths to simplify configuration of multiple processors Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 22, 2021
15:17 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3137) Arrow - UUID attribute types cause queries to fail Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 21, 2021
12:57 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3136) NiFi - FSDS processor error when configuring partition scheme Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
11:14 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3135) HBase - GeoServer plugin does not include geomesa-avro jar required for output formats Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
09:18 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3134) Kafka - CLI export doesn't work Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 20, 2021
09:22 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3133) Failing unit test in Lambda feature cache Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 19, 2021
13:17 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3132) Integrating GeoMesa SparkSQL with Apache Sedona Kristin Cowalcijk (JIRA)
September 17, 2021
10:31 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3131) CLI - gt tools doesn't parse ingest file arguments correctly Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 15, 2021
07:09 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3130) NiFi - converter cache throws incorrect error when a converter can't be loaded Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 10, 2021
07:59 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3129) WEIGHTED spatial partitioning strategy produces bad results Kristin Cowalcijk (JIRA)
September 07, 2021
09:55 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3128) GeoJson ingest type inference does not work with explicit nulls Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 03, 2021
08:31 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3127) NiFi - improve warning checks for schema changes Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
September 01, 2021
09:41 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3126) CLI - allow for convert with shell redirection Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 17, 2021
10:56 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3125) FSDS - handle compressed/zipped archives in converter mode Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
10:55 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3124) FSDS - expose current file path through converter global params Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 16, 2021
10:50 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3123) Add short-circuit check for identity attribute conversions in feature writers Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
10:50 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3122) Converters - add jsonObject function Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 10, 2021
16:27 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3121) Lambda store - reduce memory overhead of feature cache Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 09, 2021
14:24 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3120) CLI - warn if GEOMESA_HOME is pointing to a different directory Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 08, 2021
23:43 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3119) The order of the results of multiple queries by geomesa is inconsistent hujian (JIRA)
09:52 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3118) NiFi - Lambda store is incompatible with zookeeper 3.4 Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)
August 05, 2021
10:49 [geomesa-dev] [JIRA] (GEOMESA-3117) FileSystem - configuration cache does not account for additional config data store params Emilio Lahr-Vivaz (JIRA)

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