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RE: [equinox-dev] Autostarting Bundles



It appears that the product definition needs be based upon feature configuration, not plug-ins.  When I tried this using plug-in based configuration, the config.ini contained a fully defined osgi.bundles, with no bundle.info.  When I switched to a feature based configuration, a bundle.info was generated.


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BTW, it turns out that you have to have simple.configurator there AND marked as started for the configuration you are creating to be considered "p2 enabled" and the bundles.info file to be written.  The bundles.info file may be written in other cases (I seem to have seen that).


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 8:35 AM, O'Flynn, Dennis <Dennis.OFlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


FYI - I tried using the product def’n editor to set the bundles start levels.  I had a problem when using the “default” start level.  It set the entry in the config.ini to “@0”.  This caused an error when starting the server-side Eclipse environment.  Once I changed these to a specific start level (“@4”), everything did work.

BTW – I was surprised that bundles marked for started were defined via “osgi.bundles”, instead of setting CU’s to update the bundle.info.

You're on the bleeding edge a bit Dennis. I fixed that issue yesterday:
272361: don't write out 0 for start levels

If you don't included simpleconfigurator in your product, everything will be on the osgi.bundles property. If you include simpleconfigurator, PDE should use it.

Let me know if we can help, we have had great success using product definitions to manage server side applications.


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