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Re: [equinox-dev] .qualifier for export package?

> > Right, but since package versions will now evolve independently of 
> > versions, should the package name also appear in the @since tag - like 

> > "@since org.eclipse.jdt.debug.model 3.4". Else, when just looking at 
> > Javadoc, consumers of an API will not know if they need a required 
> > or a package import.
> Wouldn't the package name already be stated by the package statement
> at the head of the source code? It seem redundant and repetitive to 
> put it in the @since tag. 
> I think @since obviously applies to the package. When you javadoc 
> the code, bundle membership is absent. Only the package organization 

OK, this would be a good argument to have initial package versions reflect 
the highest @since tag in the package, rather than the current bundle 
version. Else we'd have a mix of @since tags in existing bundles - where 
some referenced the bundle version, and some referenced the package