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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] ECF discovery of artifact and metadata repos

There currently is no support for "known repositories". At least not that I know of. :-) At various times we talked about priming the repo list etc in installed configurations but that would likely have been with "loaded" repos.

Is discovery expensive? For example, if someone clicked an "Add..." button would it make sense to do the discovery then or is this something you essentially do in the background periodically or allow the user to drive a "look for repositories" button?

As you know the schedule for 1.0 is very tight so Susan and others will have to comment on the feasibility of getting this in. Having said that, we can always have another route that is less well integrated and comes from the incubator at the beginning and then gets integrated over time.


Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Jeff,

Jeff McAffer wrote:
Unless it has changed since I messed with it, that FileServerApplication was some hacky attempt at putting an HTTP server on front of some repos. It may be an ok starting point but i'd not put too much weight on it. Perhaps we should just have one thing that exposes a set of repos through HTTP and is optionally discoverable? Does that make sense?

Sure. Sounds fine. Adding optional discoverability will be easy.

As for hte UI, p2 users, admin or otherwise, likely have no interest in "discovery". They just want to nkow what repos are available to be "added" to their system. So, for example, when someone goes to add a repo, they might have an option of choosing from "known repos". That way the list of available repos can be supplied through discovery, static list, dynamic downloaed list, hard coded, ...

I agree. The ECF service discovery view will not make an appearance...rather the discovered artifact and meta-data repos will just appear in a 'known repos' UI.

So I suppose the 'known repos' UI has to added...I guess as another button (and associated shell/dialog) in the add repo dialog? Unless it's already there and I haven't seen it.


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