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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] ECF discovery of artifact and metadata repos

Initially, I'm thinking of setting up a discoverable http server to expose p2 meta-data and artifact repos. I noticed that there is an Equinox application: FileServerApplication (in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tools plugin). Would it be OK to add discovery to this app (via patches)? Or should I create a new separate DiscoverableFileServerApplication?

Also, would there be any interest in adding a discovery client to the ProvAdminUI? We have a general service discovery view in ECF


but it would be desirable to have a UI with less detail, that only shows meta-data and artifact repos rather than all services...and doesn't show all the details of the service properties as the ECF discovery view does.


John Arthorne wrote:

Hi Scott, repository locations are simply represented as a URL. Since both metadata and artifact repositories are pluggable via extension point, any valid URL could potentially represent a repository. Currently the one way to find out if a give URL actually represents a repository is by calling loadRepository(URL, ...) on either IMetadataRepositoryManager or IArtifactRepositoryManager. Hope that helps get you started...


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In prep for EclipseCon, the ECF team would like to create a demo that
discovers p2 artifact and metadata repos.  ECF has a discovery API [1],
now implemented with both zeroconf/bonjour and SLP providers [2].  We've
recently done an example that discovers update sites on lan [3].

So, my main question is:  for discovering artifact and metadata repos,
what is the necessary meta-meta-data? (data about location/access to
repos).  Is it simply an URL, or is there more to it?  Pointers into p2
code desired...as I need to do that anyway.



[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF_API_Docs#Discovery_API
[2] http://www.lemmster.de/blog/index.php/2008/02/03/168/
[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Update_Site_Discovery

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